Toggles WALTER DÜNNER SA provide toggles for most existing machines such as BECHLER - CITIZEN - GILDEMEISTER - HANWHA - MAIER - MANURHIN K’MX - PETERMANN - STAR - STROHM - TORNOS - TSUGAMI Click here for main website Enquire Now Download Brochure

Tooling for bar loaders

Tooling for bar loaders WALTER DÜNNER SA  also offer in its range  collets, clamping fingers and rotating end-pieces for bar loaders  BECHLER BARBOY – CUCCHI - FEDEK - FMB (TURBO) - HAGENUK - IEMCA -LNS (EXPRES, MINISPRINT, SPRINT, TRYTON,) - SAMECA - TORNOS (ROBOBAR, TELEBAR, SUPERTELEBAR)On request, WALTER DÜNNER SA provide spare parts for bar [...]

DunnAir systems

DunnAir systems The repair of standard rotating guide bush for TSUGAMI machines is currently executed at WALTER DÜNNER SA. Other models are also revised by WALTER DÜNNER SA. WALTER DÜNNER SA proposes many unit for rotating guide bush with four positions. This system is called DunnAir. Actually aviable for TORNOS, STAR and CITIZEN machines. By NC programmation this guide [...]

Nuts and sleeve holders

Nuts and sleeve holders Nuts for guide bushes are available as simple nuts, with hexagonal at the back, or as nuts/counter nuts for some types of guide bushes. The best nut for manufacturing is the nut with adjusting screws at the circumference, screws that allows a perfect closing of the guide bush. For cam machines, [...]


Sleeves For guide bushes working in fix position, WALTER DÜNNER SA has an important range of sleeves for all types of guide bushes. For the watch industry, a special sleeve was developed. It allows to use the guide bush type B211 and B211H with the “MAGIC” system. It offers the possibility to use carbide or [...]


Guide Collets WALTER DÜNNER SA produce Carbide Collets. For the holding of complex pieces in the counter spindle, WALTER DÜNNER SA patented the well-known “large opening collets”. These collets allow over gripping on a larger diameter than the clamping diameter. Medical applications, such as screws or dental implants, use more and more Dünner’s “large opening [...]

Guide bushes

Guide bushes Steel, carbide, ceramic and bronze guide bushes are produced with modern production technologies. They are available with round, square, hexagonal bore as well as different profiles, in standard or ultra precision quality, with straight, slanted or silicone filled slots. Upon request, a guide can be put into the guide bush in order to [...]